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Cure the End-of-Career Blues

Filed under: Retirement


Image of senior leader smiling at camera in working environment

As you near the end of your working years, you may begin to feel tired of your career. But if you need to spend a few more years in your job before retirement, there is no need to spend them feeling miserable! Prevent end-of-career burnout by following the HOVER approach, and renew your enjoyment of your job. You’ll be retired soon enough, but you want to feel refreshed at retirement – not as if you’ve just escaped a prison.

Hope. Try not to dwell on the things that you don’t like about your job, unless they are things you can actually change. Focus instead on the aspects of the job that you do enjoy. Set a few new goals for yourself, and try to reach them by retirement.

Optimism. Find at least one thing in each day that inspires feelings of gratitude.

Value. Value your work, and keep learning new things related to your job. Upgrade your technology skills, or set goals to solve problems in the workplace. Your job may bore you, but it will be considerably less boring when you take on new or different responsibilities.

Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is infectious and boosts your mood. Having a positive attitude also attracts others to you, and makes for a happier workplace for everyone. Psychologists say that smiling releases chemicals in your brain that actually make you feel happier. So if you have to fake enthusiasm, do it – after a while you will realize you aren’t actually faking anymore!

Resilience. Don’t think about past mistakes or failures. Focus on the future. What can you accomplish next week, next year, or in five years? Keep in mind that a healthy body often equals a healthy mind. Make an effort to eat well and exercise, and your physical strength will translate into mental strength in the workplace.

If you’re suffering serious career burnout, schedule an appointment with a counselor. Try the above methods, and others that your counselor may suggest, before giving up on your career. You have just a few years until retirement, but you want to use this time to make sure you’re financially prepared for your non-working years.